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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I know what fans on the naysayer side want me to see (I've certainly read enough posts on the subject), I just don't see it.
That's fine, to each their own. My original comment was a joke. Obviously Abrams did not direct a Star Wars film but that is how I see those things and others as Star Wars influences on Star Trek 09. Some I thought were ok and others I didn't enjoy as much. The phaser fire doesn't really bother me. I do remember the first time I saw the ice planet scene in Star Trek 09 and thinking to myself that I just watched something out of Star Wars.

I'm just glad Kirk didn't say "There is always a bigger ice monster."

Keenser bothered me because he served no purpose other than like horatio said to appeal to kids. There was nothing interesting about him. He was there to sell an extra action figure and to be the butt of some cheesy jokes in my opinion "Get off there! It's not a climbing frame!" I am glad he was far more subtle than Jar Jar Binks but even Jar Jar got more character development than Keenser. I also felt they adopted the grittier look of the Star Wars universe especially with the USS Kelvin. That didn't really bother me but it was just something I noticed and in my head went, "Star Wars!" Another one that comes to mind is the design of the Narada. To me it looks more suited to the Star Wars universe. It's more of a fantasy design, both exterior and interior. There is no logic to that design and something I admired about Star Trek was ships seemed to have logical/fictional designs. Unfortunately with Star Trek 09 I don't think a lot of things were thought out beyond "That will look cool!" and ultimately I think that works better in the Star Wars universe than in Star Trek. Abrams has said many times, he is more of a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek fan. That's ok, but to me it shows in Star Trek 09 and I think he is better suited to direct a Star Wars film than Star Trek.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
it is quite obvious that STXI has sacrificed quality for mass appeal in order to attract these people. You do not have to love or hate the movie to be honest about what it is, a dumb enjoyable popcorn flick.
I agree with you on this. As a popcorn flick Star Trek 09 is an enjoyable film but to me Star Trek was always about more than just that. I am happy that it has introduced many new fans to Star Trek and I've heard of many of them discovering old Trek for the first which is a good thing. However I'm worried the new film is going to be more of the same watered down popcorn fun and that the Star Trek I loved so much has been lost. I do hope to be proven wrong though. There were several plot points that bothered me as well but I also agree with you on your overall plot analysis of Star Trek 09:

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
And here is where I have my problems with the movie. Not that it resembles Wars in this respect but that at the end of the journey there is no Luke Skywalker who becomes part of a symbolic order like the Rebellion but that Kirk and Spock end up in some kind of adolescent "fu*k the rules, we can do whatever the hell we want" state.
This is essentially a conservative (as opposed to some anti-hierarchy form of progressivism) critique. People do have to find their relatively fixed place in the world. This is what I cherish most about Trek, that it describes a positive, progressive future while emphasizing the importance of discipline and order. You could say that, featuring progressive content (economic and social equality) and a conservative form (a relatively strict social order), it is politically the best of both worlds.
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