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At the end of the day it's called fiction. We know in Trek you have construction materials and methods that are supposed to be very different to ours. They are not building these ships out of materials that we would be limited to in the present day.

If this society can create magic forcefields that prevent them all being squished like bugs when the ship hits Warp Velocities, if they can disassemble a human body at the molecular level move it thousands of kilometers and reassemble it intact and can also warp space itself..................they can probably technologically figure out how to balance a Nacelle on a pylon.

Nothwithstanding if Warp Nacelles operate on the manner in which we saw the D's Warp Nacelle in the 24th Century then they may be fairly hollow and despite their size not necessarily the 'heaviest' part of the ship. That's IF all nacelles are essentially hollow tubes. They of course may not be.
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