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Phaser fire has looked like Star Wars fire (at least for ships) since Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan. By First Contact, phaser rifles fired small bolts. By Nemesis, they became almost blaster bolts similar to Star Wars.

So..nothing new there..

I saw no similarity between any creature in Star Trek 2009, and any creature in Star Wars.
The first creature that Kirk runs into on Delta Vega looked more like a four legged Mugato, or more like the Klingon dogs from Star Trek VI. The second creature looked nothing like any creature seen on Naboo, or any Star Wars film for that matter.
Kinzer was his own creature, and did not look or speak like a Gungan. I didn't really see him as the butt of any jokes. He was part of the jokes, but certainly not the butt of them.

Carry on.

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