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Could not agree more with a lot of what's been said in the last few posts.
Looking more closely at it, you and Horatio are likely right...JJ will probably just have directorial control alone, and not really much creative input since the writer and other production elements are outside of his usual Bad Robot team.

And yeah, Disney's coffers are probably a bit more impressive than Paramount's.

Here's an interesting little factoid, one that takes a slight tangent from the discussion, but still, hopefully interesting nonetheless.

When Disney Co. decided to make "The Black Hole" for 1979 release, they wanted to rent the motion control from John Dykstra, the equipment was too expensive for loan out. So, Disney Co. had to create its own motion control unit. Known as A.C.E.S. (Automatic Camera Effect Systems), Disney Co. succeeded in not only equaling Dykstra's motion control system, but for a short time, was actually more advanced than Dykstra's.

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