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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
And here I am waiting on hearing from the more hard core's who'll say:
"Yeah, now JJ is where he belongs because the last Trek movie might as well have been Star Wars Episode VII"

Gee, I'm glad I don't constrain myself to one take or view or dogma on Trek/Wars/Galactica, etc.
There will be elements of that depending on what internet forums and news sites you check out! There always will be when it comes to Abrams depending on your views of both past Trek and his Trek.

But I'm just not all that excited about these new SW films. I gotta say I just can't muster much up just now about them. And even this news doesn't really sway things more in any particular direction since I'm more interested in the implications for Trek.

Basically, the SW films now appear to be films where I'm not sure really if Abrams has a level of input that he usually seems to enjoy. Like or loathe his way of making Trek he at least came in and made some choices and had input into the creative side of it. And that seems to have been continued with the Trek sequel. And Abrams seems to like being involved quite a bit in what he does. Certainly so far on film.

The SW films look really more like anybody at this point could turn up and say 'action' and everything else is done for the director. The script is being done by someone else, there's already rumoured to be pre-production underway...........basically this juggernaut already seems to be moving along without him. So............what DO they want him to bring to it beyond his name?

Although I can see that maybe it was simply one of those moments in life we all get when an offer or an opportunity is given to you and despite your other commitments you just cannot say 'no' to it. But I'm also sure he will get asked a lot of questions if this becomes definitive and the announcement gets made.
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