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About dogma, Lucas' basic worldview is a gnostic or Buddhist one whereas mine is a Christian one. Notice that Anakin is a Christological figure who does evil precisely because he loves his wife too much and how this is contrasted with this "balance to the force" crap and the Jedi notion of detachment. Gee, Yoda even once says that you should let go the people you love when they are about to die. Fu*k it, precisely because I love them I would do everything to prevent them from dieing and dieing is never "natural", it is always a catastrophe.

I couldn't have a more opposing view of the world than Lucas but I also want Wars to be as Lucasian as possible. Artistic expression of an individual, a piece of art not being harmed by too many cooks, not softening its rough edges (aka not making it PC) and so on. Of course movies and TV shows are always collaborative enterprises but there has to be if not one leader at least one key main idea, one guideline, one unique artistic expression in it to make it worthwhile to be watched.
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