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Oh, believe me, I enjoy a lot of dumb movies too....having quite a few guilty pleasures in the dumb movie realm...

....but at least those movies took some semblance of writing to accomplish telling a story, as opposed to just taking a bunch of unemployed, 20-something nobodies that somehow still manage to look like whatever today's ideal 20-something might be, putting them in an apartment/flat/townhouse/what have you, paying them a stupid amount of money that might actually shelter a few homeless families, and having them run amuck...and the producers, if they're not satisfied with the level of ...ahem...."drama" in the show, will start rumors between the "participants" to stir the pot, add fuel to the fire, and get s*** started between them so that the trailer trash that watch this stuff get their jollies, and the nobodies get their fat paychecks.

One of my friends, who is a lead singer in a tribute band up in New York, said that she thought Hurricane Sandy was nature's revenge for "Jersey Shore".

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