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I'm a little ambivalent (or maybe just really conflicted) on the argument over TV audiences but I think it depends on what you make your TV and movie diet up of.

It's sorta like food. Some folks just eat junk food all the time. Some just now and again. Same with TV. I can't pretend not to always like dumbass TV and movies (hello, I like the Transformers films for F's sake! I'm really in no position to talk to anyone) but you have to mix it up with good stuff as well. I like to think I can discern when I'm watching something 'bad' and something 'good' and that I'm conscious of the differences therein even if I'm enjoying them both for different reasons. But I think it's a struggle to avoid the sheer amount of reality TV produced now because it IS so much cheaper and therefore profitable to make.

On the matter of Game of Thrones though, I have it on my list to catch up on. But I just started Terra Nova so even though the first episode of it wasn't up to much I'm clearing that off the list first (as unenthusiastic as I already am and it's barely on episode 2 just now). Though going back to the idea of resourcing cable TV shows I believe GoT has done location filming in places like Iceland so since that usually costs good money I have to imagine it's a well funded show. So, maybe a Star Trek TV series set at around 10 or so eps a season could work out.
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