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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
I'm an assistant department head of the nonfoods (or Drug & General Merchendise) department at my local Kroger store. Nonfoods is a sort of a confusing name, since some of the things we handle (like baby food, candy and some health food) can be considered food while we don't necessarily handle all the nonfood stuff (like detergent, paper towels, and pet supplies).

But... what's more interesting is how this thread has turned into a discussion of music performance.

Bourbon St! Holy Crap, martok. You're like at the center for a lot of jazz history! That is nothing short of f'in awesome.
Hi, Miguelda,

Heh....Bourbon St. really doesn't have much jazz on it anymore. Yeah, it's definitely got the jazz history, but most of the clubs are rock and roll or dance now. There's one open air restaurant that has some old school jazzers playing during the day into the early evening, and another club further up the street that also has actual jazz bands. But clubs like Famous Door, Bourbon St. Blues Company, Fat Catz, Old Opera House, Krazy Korner, Club 544, Bourbon Live, and Razzoo, are pretty much rock and roll or dance band clubs.

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