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Well, sometimes New Orleans is fun to play. Sometimes it depends on the band you're in.

The main band I'm in right now is a good band...however, just trying to get them to learn more songs is like pulling teeth.

Tonight and last night, we had good nights. And part of it (I think) is because I had a polite chat with the MC (a very sweet girl, and a good MC) about observing the crowd we had (older crowd, nicely dressed, and spending money at the bar). I asked her that if she was going to play dance music, keep it old Gangnam Style and rap and hip hop for when the band is completely finished playing, because I did not wish to lose that crowd. She completely understood, and ran with my request....and we had two really good nights. Hell, tonight, not only did she keep the crowd we had, she built on to it some, and when we took the stage, we built on it even more. We shut down every other bar on the street....tonight...we ruled.

And yeah, this weather lately has not been a boon to my voice.

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