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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I went with Star Wars. They are flawed, but the strength of episode III brings them up over the other two IMO. And the story of Palpatine works.
True. That part does indeed work. When I first saw Episode I, I kept saying to myself, Dang, he sure looks familiar. His gain to power was the only thing that made the prequel trilogy interesting to me. I felt everything else was pretty much flawed. What happens to him in the third film really pays off and finally tells you how Palpatine became what he was. Before I had seen this one, I had thought Palpatine was the same race as Jabba the Hutt's servant. But I guess not.

Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I voted A L I E N 3 because it actually is a good movie while none of the others are.

How the hell do you get the damn 3 to exponentialize itself?
Oh, haha! I just went to the IMDb page and copy and pasted it on here.
*The word "dabo" means "I will give" in Latin, and "Gold" in Aramaic.

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