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It's very cool for him. However I also doubt that any studio or director would pass up this kind of publicity. Statistically speaking, at least hundreds of people eagerly waiting to see this movie are not going to live to get the chance. It's inevitable.

And when you and I are gone, chances are (at this rate) someone will still be making Star Trek and it will be our turn to sign off and miss it.

For my best friend from jr high, that time came back in '00 when a young, drunken drugged couple sideswiped him on his way to work. He loved ST and Batman more than I thought was even possible. But Berman/Piller/Frakes and Joel Schumacher would have been the last he heard from either of them. The really tragic thing though was he already had his life more together and focused than I... still do. And two strangers who hated life just casually and obliviously took it from him. When I think that he's gone and I'm still here... and how many people's lives he touched... I kind of wonder what I've got to show for it by comparison.

What would be sad is if your life were empty enough that missing the next movie/whatever really was a crushing blow. But I'm not getting the impression that was the case with the guy in this story. Let's hope not anyway.

And of course, here's hoping the movie really is as good as they've quoted his wife making it sound. Cheers.

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