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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
It's all about the original GoldenEye 007. And yes, despite its flaws. I used to play that one all the time on my N64. Good times. I have yet to play the other versions. But a really good Bond game starring Daniel Craig is Blood Stone. It's an original story after Pierce Brosnan's Everything or Nothing. Check it out when/if you can.

As for the recent release called 007 Legends...I heard nothing but bad reviews.
Oh yeah, I'm staying away from 007 Legends like the plague. Blood Stone I've been meaning to check out.

I used to love playing original GoldenEye against my friends on the N64. My favorite tactic was to backpedal, and chuck remote mines at them. Chuck'n'click'nboom....lather rinse repeat.

I also enjoyed GoldenEye's spiritual successor: the TimeSplitters series. Made by the same team. The most recent game "TimeSplitters Future Perfect" really rocked. Good, humorous story, good game play and gun play. I think it was also the first TS game to get an M rating (for blood and suggestive themes). Up to that point, the TS games were fairly tame in both of those areas.

Perfect Dark Zero is an okay game. But, I've not beaten it, and I really haven't touched it for a few years. I need to revisit some of my older titles before they end up on the Island of Misfit Toys.

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