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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I disagree with Horatio's point about political correctness. I think that TNG era Trek was very much an example of political correctness on TV. And that's not meant as a knock on it, TNG was a great series. But it was most certainly full of political correctness.
You are right, my statement was too general. There are differences among the series, namely the usual TOS, DS9 and ENT vs. TNG and VOY pattern.
To stick with the Klingon example*, Picard was more politically correct than Sisko. He became Worf's second and this basically said that he respects Klingon rituals and participates in them (which he has to deem idiotic from a human perspective) whereas Sisko did not when he refused to celebrate a victory with bloodwine amidst corpses.

*- Obviously political correctness encompasses other areas than coexistence among species and your favourite example, Crusher's line from The Neutral Zone about humans having lost the fear of death, neatly illustrates the "taking the sting (and flavour!) out of everything" aspect of PC.
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