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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
It is interesting that you mention the Klingons. Your nick is after all a Klingon one and as they are the most deeply explored alien species in Trek it is quite easy to become sympathetic towards them.
The DS9 finale showed this extremly well when Siso and Ross poured out their bloodwine. The Feds respect the Klingons and value them as allies but they nonetheless stick to their principles.
Trek neither advocated a 'clash of civilizations' nor political correctness but showed that and how it is possible to coexist with people who are in many ways your very opposite (the Feds are life-loving democrats, the Klingons are death-revering aristocrats) while still being truthful to yourself and not making any false compromises.

I totally agree that the movies have to stick to less complex patterns. In the movies there are simply villains whereas in the shows there are a variety of antagonists.
Well told, and could not agree more.

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