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Well that's really the crux of the problem when trying to speak for henchmen and crew of the villian really.

You or I have no idea whether or not everyone on Nero's ship knew and were complicit in the actions. It seems highly unlikely after 25 years they would be oblivious. And if they were aware then................tough. Assumptions are not evidence in either direction. We don't know if everyone on Kruge's own bird of prey knew why he was going to Genesis and why he was attacking a Federation ship or if every grunt sent to the Enterprise knew why they were there before Kirk blew them up. We don't see Picard attempting to run scanning passes of the Scimitar to make sure that when he rams his ship into it he doesn't accidentally sandwich the ships cook against a hotplate when the Enterprise caves in half the Scimitar. He just makes sure his own crew are moved out as I recall. Situations don't always allow for all the boxes to be correctly ticked first.

Normally henchmen/crew are taken for granted in that respect and I see no compelling case to act differently in the Narada's example really.
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