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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
besides to my knowledge there has never been a war or an occupation in which embarrassing and unforgivable things did not happen to either prisoners or innocent bystanders.
Bingo. I'm fairly sure such a thing doesn't exist. Although I haven't as yet seen any proof to the notion that innocents were taken down with the Narada so it feels like a bit of a stretch pending something concrete to support it.

I think Kirk's offer was sincere enough, but it also was what it was, an ultimatum for surrender. However he does seem to overdo it with sticking around to fire 'everything' they've got. I hardly think that was necessary.
I think that's one of those areas where a suitable level of response may vary. I guess my approach would be if that is the action you commit to, you may as well ensure the job is completely done.
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