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Considering what happened to the Death Star, I don't think it would make a lot of sense to complain about the Imperial military's sexist practices. I feel the same way about our own military really. Gender and sexual equality is great and all, but why would you even choose to serve your country in an 'expendable' capacity? If they won't let you in because of your gender or sexual orientation, take the free pass and happily dodge your way out of sacrificing for King and country. And better yet, be smug about it. "Hell no, I didn't go." That outta piss the ol' boys off.

Ideally the treatment of POWs is about protecting your own soldiers who are likely to be taken prisoners themselves. Having higher-minded ideals about protecting human dignity and all that stuff is great, however the need to pay 'lip service' (if you will) to those things in order to protect your soldiers is usually going to be an easier sell. Especially when you fight against mobs instead of nations, and more conservative factions in your own government are already quick to point out that your efforts won't be reciprocated. And I do therefore believe that the treatment of war criminals is a much stickier issue than POWs, whereby trying to appear just by allowing them their right to trial will most likely result in the very same retaliation and instability that you were trying to avoid in the previous scenario. I don't think you protect anybody by trying to serve the spirit of the law in such a case.

I'll probably never know what really happened to bin Laden, but I also feel no need to stir up trouble by fabricating an issue out of something that nobody will ever prove. It's entirely possible that he wouldn't have allowed himself to be captured alive. But I also suspect there was no (tremendous) effort on the part of our military to avoid shooting him if he gave them enough reason to. And to me that feels somehow appropriate. He didn't deserve to be come a martyr or a victim, and the world was probably better off not having to figure out what to do with him. And yes, plenty of other people did die in the crossfire. It is the very nature of things like this that they are not going to reflect anybody's finest hour. But what do you do.

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