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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
And that pair of proton torpedoes that went into the exhaust port of a certain moon-sized battlestation in a galaxy far far away...the person pulling the trigger of that weapon, nor the general giving orders to said pilot(s) did not know that there could be innocent workers or prisoners aboard said battlestation, let alone that some Imperial officers there were citizens of Alderaan...potential survivors that could've been hardened against the Rebellion because their actions brought about the destruction of their home world!

I mean.....dammit....

(offered in friendly jest)
Lol - yes, the trash compactor monster was a complete innocent not to mention the droids - does nobody think of the droids? And Leia would have been destroyed along with them if C3PO hadn't checked the data banks.

The difference with SW is that the Death Star was still a long term threat and there were limited options available. Still, Han shooting first is the least of that franchisee's ethical concerns. They should start with the sexist employment practices!
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