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Nero is a story element but their isn't anything substantial enough in his backstory to make anything else from since enough of what was in Countdown (minus the uninteresting Praetor malarky anyway which would have just stodged up the film with irrelevances in terms of the alternate Universe anyway. Is he or isn't he more in the Prime? Doesn't matter he isn't playing in that sandbox now anyway and nobody in the Alternate would rightly care) appears in the mindmeld sequence that we know a combination of broken trust and grief drives Nero on his endeavour in the film itself.

However, the writers were perhaps capable enough to realise a lot of what was in Countdown would have clogged up the film had it been introduced and since elaborate backstory to Star Trek movie villains has never been a prerequisite before it need not be with Nero either. We're given enough to understand why he is doing what he is doing but he is not the point of the film (although I tend to think the mindmeld itself could have been slightly redone to get just a little more info in it still works) and any similarities to TWOK are clearly the B side of the film compared to the A side of Kirk, Spock and the formation of the crew.

While it's a bit regrettable Khan looms over every subsequent villain like a cloud Nero ultimately falls as neither better than nor worse than any of the others. And as such, with the end of the film his story also ends and there isn't anything much else to cover.

As with other problematic villains in Trek - what's done is done. Let's see what comes along next.
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