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You obviously still don't understand that when it comes to matters of life and death being controlled by emotions is unethical for a human and suicidal for a Vulcan. Even if he pursues a noble goal, a Vulcan running amok is fu*king dangerous!

We don't lynch mass murders, we bring them to justice in a court. We don't unleash our collective hatred, we let the rational system of jurisdiction work. Of course there are exceptions but when you kill you are only allowed to kill out of love (I think the Greek word for Christian love, agape, would be more precise but let's not get into stupid semantics).
Let me explain this via an example. Suppose your best friend has done something so utterly horrible that cannot be forgiven. You kill him and not because you are angry but sad that the noble person he has once been is gone, you kill him because you love him and this try preserve his former uncorrupted self.
I claim the same is necessary in the case of something like a political assassination or political violence beyond the law in general with the only difference being that you do not love the person you kill but the people he has killed or the things he is about to undo.

When you are motivated by hatred or anger you can hardly claim to do something noble. Proper ethics are either connected with love or utter coldness, i.e. you are a sublime ethical monster that simply does what is necessary and without feeling angry or good about yourself or whatever.

Last but not least, all this applies even more strongly for Vulcans.
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