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The IMAX screening I went to was only 24fps, but the normal sized screening I went to before that was 48fps. The first ten minutes I found the hfr quite distracting, and it did make the opening scene look quite cheap, but after that I was blown away by the quality of the detail and the crisp, sharpness of the camera movements. I've always been frustrated by action sequences with moving cameras (Like when Kirk was attacked in the bar in ST09, and just about the whole of Quantum of Solace) because you can't see a thing and only afterwards are you given an opportunity to find out what had happened.

Was it definitely an HFR screening?
All three screenings I've been to have been HFR, even though my experiences with each have been variable. The last one I saw just tonight was closer to my experience with the IMAX; distracting in a few places, but not as much as with my second screening. All three screenings there have been a couple shots in the movie in which actors' body movements just 'seemed' awkwardly sped up.

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