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Some pics from here in town this morning.

The service at the funeral home was already done, but the procession hasn't come back from the church in Lordship (the south section of town) yet to go to Union Cemetary. I had to stop at Town Hall so I took these while I was there.

The Fire Department was out on deck, as was the EMS...the EMS station used to be the main Fire House, but was renovated a few years back for the EMS who were previously working out of the Police Station...

Looking down Main Street from in front of Town Hall...the white sawhorse on the left is at the entrance to Union Cemetary...

About halfway between the entrance to the cemetary and the train station, the Fire Department's two big ladder trucks were aloft, holding the flag that usually flies at the Volkswagon dealership a couple blocks back. The procession would have to pass under this both ways to and from Lordship...

The Methodist Church at the corner of the entrance to the cemetary was surrounded by green and silver balloons...

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