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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post nukes, but an RPG or two might not hurt.

Honestly, MR, we can debate this till we're both blue in the face. If there is one thing I do wish, like you, is that we did not need guns. I wish for nothing but peace with all, among all. I do not own guns for their own sake, but for the necessity. If we did not need guns, believe me, you shan't find a happier person. But until the need goes away, neither will my guns.

Ultimately, the focus of this thread (and I am willing to certainly step down on this whole "gun debate" matter, because this divides the unity of focus, and I do feel like I sort of unbalanced or derailed the thread with my call me guilty ) is the loss of little ones, and others, to an unspeakable act. And on top of that, the unspeakable act committed by someone that we can now no longer prosecute. That's why, being the spiritual person I am, I pray for his just punishments for each and every life he took, and each and every life he destroyed as a result of his actions. We are all going to have our views on the peripheral aspects of the case, but we are all agreed that something like this should never have happened, and we hope against hope we never see or hear of something so vile ever again.

Peace, amigo?
I can't though. I can't debate it. It's just such a gray area. I think really, the fear is trusting people. I think like you said the fear is trusting someone other than those whose actual job is to carry a gun. So I really find that I'm with you on most things regarding this issue.
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