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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
There is not really a line to be drawn with gun ownership, in terms of personal defense.
Armor piercing rounds, submachine guns, anti-tank rifles, sniper rifles, gatling guns, grenade launchers, forward firing cannons, rpgs, nukes... Somewhere in there, tell me there's a line, please.

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
If a criminal plans a home invasion, they will plan it with the best means at their disposal. If they can get a hold of fully automatic weapons, why do the families being invaded have to suffer because they did not have equivalent means, or any means at all to defend themselves? The cops ain't gonna arrive soon enough to save the day, that's for sure.

Someone threatens me or my family (if I had a family), it's the grave (or at the very best, an extremely extended--to mean permanent-- stay in ICU/CCU) for that individual, plain and simple.

And yeah, I do want the best. If it's good enough for criminals to invade my home, or looters to take to the streets, then it's good enough for me to defend my home or my street. The AK-47 has the advantage of being an all around good weapon. Tough to kill, and fires a larger caliber round in comparison to the AR. The AR has the advantages of range and accuracy, whilst not being quite as robust as the AR.
Really at this point, it's too late. Much of what us libbies want in terms of gun control is a pipe dream. The stats do speak for themselves. Gun ownership is going way, way up. Many guns are registered and many aren't. From what you're telling me and what I'm getting from other pro gun freedomers, is really it has to do with the knowledge that the bad guys are gettin armed to the teeth, and you want to get armed to the teeth and then some to protect yourself. And I also see the stats that say the good people who own guns aren't causing problems. So really no big "gun banning" laws are going to change that much. Criminals are still going to be criminals and they're going to get guns probably illegally anyway.

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Weapons being registered is just another act of big government intervention. Big government insinuating their control over peoples' lives. If I had to kill someone because they invaded my home or threatened me and my family, sorry, but I did it with my weapon that I own, and I should not have to lose my weapon to criminal investigations because I defended my life (or my loved ones' lives) with it. "Hey, there's the a**hat lying dead on the ground because he was stupid enough to threaten me or my friends or my loved ones. Take him away, not the means to defend myself in the future."
Are you wanting them to just take your word for it? "I shot this guy, he was the bad guy, not me." "Oh, okay, sir, it's all good. Yeah, he kind of looks bad guyish. No need to call the inspector on this one."

On a side note: I'll take your word for it that you're against big government. We haven't discussed any other issues. But I always wonder whenever someone (anyone left or right) says, "I'm against big government" are they really against big government or just against the government they didn't vote for? Is it really anti-big-government? Or is it more like how a lot of guyslike their women: big in all the right places?

All around though, I will say that while I might still believe guns should be registered, I might have to change it to "should have". Again, the more I think about it, the more I realize it really is too late to start "crackin down on the gun ownin".

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Besides, there's vehicular homicide committed a lot of times too...does that mean we have to ban vehicles now?
The "people can make anything a weapon" argument has proven to be a low rated one. Cars aren't made with the purpose to kill. Neither is any other "found weapon" item you may want to throw out there: hammers, box cutters, writing utensils, cleavers, your own body (unless you were created in some BOW lab. Umbrella?), etc. Guns are made for that purpose: to kill or even just to wound and cause pain.

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Look. I get it. Some folks are afraid of guns. Because of that fear, they feel that no one else should be brave enough to own one. Only the military and law enforcement should have guns, which in turn means that only criminals would have guns. Fine and dandy except that the military and law enforcement cannot arrive in time to save the day before all the damage has been done. To be able to defend one's self should be an undeniable right, and that's why "the right for civilians to keep and bear arms shall not be questioned", although, sadly, it is now the case.
Look I pretty much agree with you on what laws you believe we should have in place as it pertains to this. Believe it or not liberals aren't this far left-lefty-left-lefteroo about every issue. But guns are what they are. And much of the sale is fear driven. Yeah, folks are afraid of guns, but then other folks buy guns because they're afraid.

I wish guns weren't needed. I wish people felt guns weren't needed. But it's a wish. And the "big government" is gonna have big problems if they try to forcibly grant my wish.
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