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Sorry, but I likes to keep me semi-auto pistols. Granted, I can kill with one assailant with one bullet....but if you're faced down with more than one assailant, well, the ability to loose those other bullets on command is quite reassuring. And I am a damn good shot.

And the liberal media just loves slapping the term "assault rifle" on pretty much any long firearm capable of semi automatic fire. An assault rifle means that you have a fully automatic weapon that, when in concert with others in your squad, is capable of allowing you to lay assault to a fortified position. A semi-auto AK-47 or AR-15 no longer qualifies as an assault rifle. Yes, you can lay down a lot of fire with a semi-auto rifle, but not near the kind of firepower vs time that you can with a fully capable "assault rifle". (It should be noted that even in combat, full auto is often discouraged, because it is ultimately a waste of ammo, and only good for suppression of a target or targets). When the term assault rifle is applied to a weapon that can no longer serve the function, it is only because of the sensationalism of the liberal media, and the fact that they can't tell an "assault rifle" from a "personal defense weapon". Now I will also grant that one is likely not going to tote a semi-auto AK-47 or AR-15 around in town for personal defense, but would make a mother of a deterrent. Only gangstas are likely to tote such things around, and then, that's only in areas where law enforcement is so poor that the g's can just run roughshod over the streets....and then at that...likely they DO have fully capable assault rifles. The advantage I'd have over them is, most of them are not very good shots.

The original "assault rifle" was the German StG44, the Sturmgewehr, which means (literally) "storm rifle", like for "storming a position". The AK-47 was inspired by this design. That was the purpose of an assault storm a defended position.

I do plan to own an AK or an AR (or both...they both have their advantages). Granted, in tight quarters, they are not ideal for home defense, (shotguns and pistols are better suited) but again, they do make a good deterrent for things like looters during the aftermath of hurricanes or disasters. is as I've said before, and will always say: (granted, I saw this somewhere, but I keep it as mantra against those who would take away my freedom to defend myself...)

"I'll keep my guns, money, and freedom. You can keep the change."

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