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Another criticism of the movie is the tangents. I wouldn't call them that, it's misleading. I will respect the criticism that it seems like they're doing to The Hobbit what they did with Iron-Man 2: a movie that could have been an awesome film if they didn't dedicate half of it to setting up for "The Avengers".

The difference between "Iron-Man 2" and "The Hobbit" (films) is that IM2, a shorter film than "Unexpected Journey", seemed confused about which plot to dedicate its time to. And thus far "The Hobbit" (films) is using the obligation of making longer, multiple films to include both the full content of "The Hobbit" books and still concentrate on material that makes the movies prequel setups to LotR.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Jackson is just taking ALL the Tolkien side stories and appendices and throwing them at the films whether relevant or not. When the film isn't dealing with "The Hobbit" plot it's dealing with the prequel setup for LotR and mostly using Gandalf and his frequent exits from the group to do so.

He's inventing a lot of scenes and dialogue but thankfully sticking to Tolkien's style while doing so. Unless you include the nitpick of naming a hedgehog Sebastian (which is another nitpick that I'll probably comment on at a later post).
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