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Originally Posted by brobertsumc View Post
The unhealthy part is denying the very fact that he is exepriencing anger. Spock was trying to "control" his anger by essentially pretending he felt nothing. This resulted in his redirecting and nearly killing Kirk.

Surely taking aggressive action against Nero was more justified than showing aggression toward his own crewmates?
That's not unhealthy, that's the Vulcan way.
And most of the times it is also the human way. Showing your boss how angry you are is not particularly smart, you swallow down the anger and deal with it in another way. Is this unhealthy? Sure. Can it lead to neuroses. Definitely. But that's how culture works, you do not do it caveman style and immediately act upon all your nasty feelings but you control and suppression of raw emotions.
This leads to a whole lot of pathological distortions (One of Freud's books is called Unbehagen in der Kultur, Civilization and its Discontents or more literally translated, Uneasiness in Culture and one of his key insights was not that everybody is normal whereas his patients were freaks who did not make it but that culture as such is freaky and his patients are basically just the symptoms of social issues, e.g. Victorian sexual morality.) but this is still preferable to barbarism.

So in the case of Vulcan I would say that Vulcan orthodoxy with its ridiculous dogmatism and all the stupid rituals (arranged marriage, pseudo-religious priests) that are maintained in order to support this very dogmatism (if people can question arranged marriage what will prevent them from stopping question emotional suppression) is preferable to ancient Vulcan and its violence.
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