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It's all hypothetical but.........

I'm not convinced Genesis is a deterrent entirely since virtually nobody knows it even exists let alone what the purpose of it is. I suppose he could use it as leverage against the very highest command levels of Starfleet and use it as a bluff. But given Starfleet would then have every resource out looking for it and it might be found after a while it may not be.

But that really isn't deterring regular populations. Only a select few in Command. People aren't deterred by what they are ignorant of. They need to know.

But he and his people should be adaptive. They would have to go off somewhere to study up in the politics of the world but they should be able to adapt. The question then becomes what exactly could they offer to others?

Sure, life in the Federation is likely only that Roddenberrian wonderful in the very cushioned and cosseted core worlds but even then I doubt the lives of people are vastly different than now and certainly out in the middle areas heading towards the frontiers and some colonys things are probably a lot harsher and a lot more confrontational but Khan really only offers himself as someone who will rule them. In return for his abilities he would take power over them. That might appeal to some of course but I don't know how he would really establish himself in a new time.
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