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Rethinking the post I'd had up before I deleted it.

My sympathies go out to the families who lost their little ones, and my prayers go out to the little ones who never got a chance to really live life.

A parent should never have to bury their child.

I seriously needed to rethink my comments regarding Barrack Obama. After I re-read what he'd said, I realized I did not read his comment correctly.

He said that there was no parent in America who was not feeling the overwhelming grief he was feeling at that moment. I mistook the mind omitted something from his statement, and I lashed out like a fool.

Bottom line is: I pray that the families of the lost little ones find strength in themselves, and each other during this time of loss. Recovery is not going to be easy, and in fact, full recovery from the trauma may never truly come. I also pray that the f***tard who committed this act of unrestrained evil gets his due punishment in whatever world awaits his sorry ***.

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