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Originally Posted by brobertsumc View Post
I think that Sarek's point was that Spock's effort to control his anger toward Nero had been the cause of his lashing out violently at Kirk. Trying to internalize an uncontrollable emotion resulted in redirecting that emotion in an unhealthy way. I think what Sarek says essentially means that it's OK to direct his anger toward Nero.

This is a more subtle treatment of Vulcan emotion. Vulcans don't simply suppress emotion at all cost, but rather as Sarek said to young Spock they practice "the control of feelings, so that they do not control you." Sometimes even Vulcans have to realize they can't simply entirely suppress an emotion, they have to acknowledge it and deal with it.
Why is controlling anger supposed to be unhealthy? Suppose you are angry and imagine to kill whomever caused your anger. I guess most of us have already felt like this at once. If you are normal you don't act out this fantasy. Sorry, but advising someone to not control his anger is plain psychopathic.

So I already disagree in the case of humans and being a proponent of Vulcan orthodoxy I disagree even more strongly. Any other path leads you into nirvana (Sybok) or back into the dark ages when the planet boiled and nearly "tear[ed] itself apart". Gee, even the nasty guys who enjoyed the savage ways, "those who marched beneath the raptor's wings, started to channel their emotions into imperialism (plus authoritarianism as a dogmatic safeguard for this emotional velve; like Vulcan ideology it has to be dogmatic) after they left the planet.
Spock is the only known half-Vulcan who was able to slowly ease his suppression mechanism during old age and after decades of experience and life among humans. A young Spock is unable to do this and even more important, Spock senior definitely keeps a tight lid on his nasty emotions, he only lets "good" feelings out. So NimoySpock would also disagree with Sarek who basically tells his son to behave like an old-school Vulcan, an utter savage.
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