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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
True no previous Captain of the Enterprise, but April could certainly have been in the running for Captain of the Enterprise if Pike was due to be promoted or retire within six months or so. Along comes Kirk and whammo his ship is gone. April would be certainly pissed at Kirk, but not enough to warrant the destruction of Starfleet.

JJ and Co are screwing around with us big time. Simple as that.
True but in this case the natural question would be, why use April if he is just an arbitrary Starfleet captain?
Nothing against name-dropping as an inside-joke for the fans but in the case of the antagonist of the story changing the very basics of the character is questionable. In STXI Pike was still the stern captain of the Enterprise, in FC Cochrane was still the inventor of warp drive (albeit not sober or enlightened yet ) and so on.

Independent of who the villain actually is, the little we know about the story so far sounds pretty promising (and I say this as somebody who thinks very little of the writers).
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