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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
Alright. Looks awesome.

Thus far, any negative reactions toward this movie seem to be:

The Supersuit - Really? The movie got rid of Superman's red exo-underwear, and that's what's making you mad? Come on... Or hopefully it's just the little designer, texture patterns on the suit. That... I might see people having a problem with. But as iconic as the red undies are, I'm really not going to miss them.

Amy Adams - What's your problem with Amy Adams?
I'm right there with you, MR. On Superman, the red "fruit o' the looms" just aren't necessary. I'm not quite as fanboyish about superheroes as I am superheroines.

Now, Wonder Woman, she doesn't need covered up like they tried to do fairly recently. Her traditional red, white, blue, and gold, T&A outfit is the only outfit she needs. Having recently watched the unsold Wonder Woman pilot with Adrienne Palicki in the title role (and she made a damn good lookin' Wonder Woman), I was very happy to see her in the more traditional outfit at the end of the pilot...which gave me hope (sadly) for a series that was not to be.

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