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Default If you like [this], you might also like [that]

Warning: petty ranting ahead.

Youtube once again went through some changes recently and it has made me recall questions I've had about programs that are set up like this.

Now Youtube's getting in on the whole "if you like this, you might like that" routine.

Remember when you went to Youtube, and they let you set your default loading page to show just the subscriptions and what they uploaded only. No, they've taken that option away. As if giving people "options" was a bad thing.

I understand if they'd allow us to have that option, but I want the option to default to my subscriptions uploads first. Everytime you go to you have to click "show subscriptions" then (if you're like me, and you mostly could not care less which of your subscriptions likes other videos) you have to click "uploads only".

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