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There's nothing there that really tells too much, I think. Even the presence of Eve doesn't strictly mean Khan, though the seemingly increasing evidence inclusion of a genetics angle does.

Of course, if John Harrison is possibly an alias (like Miranda Tate in TDKR) then his true identity remains potentially a question mark. If I'm not mistaken (and I could be!) then Peter Weller's character is the only one who we still know nothing 'properly' about, but I seem to remember some rumour he was supposed to be a CEO. That could figure into some of what we already have revealed. Maybe.

Thing to bear in mind is Abrams knows (they and we all know) everything coming out is getting forensically analysed to work out the 'truth' of what's going on. And often with Abrams the marketing mysteries are more interesting than the often conventional nature of what's being marketed. So nothing is coming out now without being carefully picked and some of it will be getting picked to make things look one way on purpose..............because he knows he's being watched. But with him it's 50/50 on it being what it appears or being something there to misdirect people.

I.e the last scene of the Japanese trailer.
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