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It is easy to say that a ship is expandable but hard to actually act according to this attitude on the job. Devotion to the mission and ignoring one's life (which is why I do e.g. enjoy trashy fascistoid Hollywood flicks like 300) constitute heroism.

I totally agree that making sure that the Narada cannot survive another singularity is quite important. I just would have liked a cooler approach to it, simply destroying the ship as a necessary duty or Spock telling Kirk in his icy mode that he should not offer assistance but ensure that the Narada poses no danger anymore.

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That same logic/mentality could probably have been applied to the scenario portrayed in the new movie, but, there is one important caveat, set forth by Nero himself. "I do not speak for the Empire. We stand apart." Therefore, it was not a matter of Federation and Empire (pardon the titular license)
True and Kirk should have known from Spock senior that Nero is from the past. I guess the writers did not think much about this stuff as the focus of the movie lied on other stuff, it wasn't a political thriller like BoT, TUC, or The Defector. One could have made two movies out of all the narrative "raw material" that was put into it.

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