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In fairness I think Spock in my reading was kinda expressing disapproval at the offer of assistance, however it was never his decision to make. He's allowed his opinion on such a thing and to disagree but Kirk was in command and the offer was made.

It was clearly not even remotely safe enough to try to save them and I'm not of the view this is a 'what about the innocent contractors on the Death Star' type Clerks discussion. The crew of the ship were likely no more unaware of what was happening than Ayel although you could argue we never get told. We wouldn't anyway really. Were we told Shinzon or R'uafo's henchmen were unaware of their leaders plans? The crew of Kruge's ship? No we weren't.

I would not confuse who henchmen are and create artificial indignation at the lack of attempt to save them.

However, I don't at all subscribe to any notion Abrams future Earth is materially worse and I believe that really has more to do with certain views on the entire film than anything actually shown. Their really has never been much of Earth shown so the minutae and banality of daily living on that planet is heavily unknown in either Universe. I think it's a little more contemporarised and made recogniseable then Roddenberry would ever have shown had he been able to but I don't have a problem with that.
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