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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
First one is the Ent rising, but the second one is clearly another class (look at the pylons and nacelles!)
Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
In my opinion… the ship/water scenes take place on different worlds.
I got the feeling the two may not be related. Read somewhere the preview will have a scene with the Enterprise operating in an environment that would have trekkies debating whether or not it could even function there. So I think it is exploring a water planet quite deliberately.

The shot of the ship crashing, I'm not convinced is the Enterprise.
Not saying Picard and co have come back, but the nacelles seem very Enterprise-E -ish (Sovereign class), but mostly obscured by the spray so who knows. So it maybe a different class of vessel.

Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Have the theory that Cumby's not the real villain of the piece… I think he's made a temporary alliance with Kirk to defeat the real villain… possibly Weller… Cumby's on Kirk's side until it comes time to exact his vengeance… on Weller… something that Kirk cannot allow him to do… resulting in a showdown between them.
I think CB is a bit of misdirection ala Bane. Weller is the real villain in my opinion, and will wait to be proven wrong when I see it in May. I'm not going to repeat all my 'pot stirring' posts here but you know where I'm going on this one.
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