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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
It would be very different than Countdown. There is nothing in Countdown you need to enjoy the movie. There is nothing essential there, by design. But to do a Mitchell story, you would need to show why he is what he is. It's an essential part of the story. It's not comparable to Countdown, which was completely disposable, at all.

As you may remember, I don't even consider Countdown to be canon.
Possibly. However it's easy to underestimate the possibilities of storytelling. The Wrath of Khan covers 'space seed' with just a couple lines of dialogue. And even a ST09-style flashback covering 'WNMHGB' wouldn't derail the film too much. We've always been allowed a liberal interpretation of what's canon, and people in general won't necessarily regard the current comics as any more canon than Countdown. In both cases, the comics are out there for whoever is curious. Many people still have motivational problems with Nero from the last movie, so it's not like such a multimedia crossover is necessarily advised. I don't get the impression either of us (at this point) thinks it's Nero anyway, so this is all hypothetical.

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