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Nah. Let them die.

Or better yet, torpedo them to death because you don't feel like waiting around. Sort of like stomping on a person's grasping fingers instead of just letting him fall (cowardly). However...

They're caught in a miniature black hole, so I'm not sure there's much you can do for them.

Nero made it clear he didn't want to be rescued, and wouldn't cooperate if he was.

They're dangerous war criminals already accountable for homicide on a planetary scale.

Having them tried would create more widespread political complications than is worth, since they do not even exist in this timestream legally speaking. If he were bin Laden you'd drop him in the ocean and claim to the world you shot him in self defense. If he were Mussolini you'd pull over in some village town and have him shot. The decision would never even get high enough up for anyone in authority to take public responsibility for him. Deny Nero and the others their voice and shoot them like dogs.

An acting captain who could not grasp these nuances and delivered them to Earth alive would probably never get promoted again.

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