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I admit in one way I would have liked to have a story where the crew were out in space exploring when they came across something that would have begun the plot.

However, I guess I'm in part a sucker for stories that suggest the past is about have consequences in the now. Which I feel this may be in some way. I still have no idea in my head about who Cumberbatch is playing really (which is getting to be a cool head**** by them some days and 'just tell us' on others) but I liked the words he spoke in the teaser. Or maybe it was his delivery of them...........but then while I thought we had done a 180 back to Khan I agree the line he has about asking what (whomever he is speaking to) would the person do for their family doesn't fit Khan as he was.

But if you go with the above link and then take into account the supposed line that Kirk has courage but no humility (or is that just how Orci and Kurtzman were feeling after being bruised by some last time) and that will get him and his crew killed suggests to me that someone might not make it to the end of this one (and I'm already suspecting Pike will be killed off, maybe wrongly). Which is kind of TWOK-ish. Although I still think now that Eve is Rand.

But if it's a question of the villain coming back from somewhere to get vengeance on those who did something to still feels Khan like.
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