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I was basically going to comb through everything we've heard (recently; I can hardly remember it all), make a case for Eve's Sally Kellerman likeness, as well as Kirk having a 'score to settle' with Cumberbatch.

The synopsis refers to Kirk's Cumberbatch manhunt as a 'game of chess' (battle of wits, what have you)... which incidentally, Mitchell (not Spock) was Kirk's chess partner in the rebooted comic WNMHGB adaptation (and supposedly he always beat Kirk).

I also thought Cumberbatch's line about family wouldn't ring true with Khan (as the trailer had initially opened up new speculation about him), because Montalban's Khan never demonstrates that he even considers Kirk human enough ('superior' enough) to be capable of being hurt by the loss of loved ones the way he himself is injured by losing McGivers. The irony being that he dies believing he's gotten his revenge; he actually gets it but in a way he would never be able to appreciate.

Finally (unrelated), the whole "You think you're safe" (along with the synopsis mentioning the fleet "and all that it stands for") seems to suggest we're headed firmly back into Star Trek 101 territory, which for a new regime I think is a good thing. ST's idyllic 23rd century is threatened by a madman. What does that mean? What is ST? For most people who don't regularly follow the series, it's the characters. So we've gotten the character re-introduction out of the way. So once again, what is ST? I expect between Kirk getting his comeuppance and Earth not being safe, we'll got those answers for this generation.

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