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On my top dumbass things I've ever heard anyone say, this was written by a friend on facebook:

"I think next election the Republicans should be allowed to buy votes. The Democrats were giving out free meals. Republicans would never do that because it's illegal. But I think we should level the playing field."

Yeah... That just happened.

Anyways, I voted Obama, first time and this time. I've only been voting democrat because their policies best fit my views. But I would never, NEVER be so dumb as to imply that democrats or republicans or any party for that matter is not guilty of indulging in dirty politics.

I say all this to say that it would not surprise me if my slight fear represented in the original post turned out to be true. My suspicion is that it was far fetched linked to some really bad conspiracy theory.

It's annoying but not surprising that people weren't paying attention, really paying attention, to the debates. On most economic issues there really wasn't that much difference. Obama kept saying, "Um, yeah, we're already doing all the things you say you're going to do." Foreign policies, they're practically identical. Romney said in the third debate that he totally agrees with Obama's use of drone strikes. And yet, somebody else on my friends list posted this:

Yes, more hypocrisy. As if you wouldn't get this same (or even worse) decision making from Romney. Or better yet, thinking that Bush wouldn't make those same decisions if he had the chance.

As good as I think Obama is, he's still part of the political machine and he's human and it's almost standard human nature (not almost, sorry, it actually is) to desire and pursue power. Obama won because he seemed to project, better than Romney, that he's more in touch with the less than rich citizens of this country.

Nothing is surprising me because I see the road America is going down. At this point I almost feel we need to go off the cliff, hit rock bottom before the US goes, "Oh, we need change, REAL change."
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