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I would need to see the trailer again to say whatever I thought I meant. I'm already not seeing those white cities in my head.

My passing impression upon viewing the trailer was that things in these futuristic movies seem shinier and faster-moving than I would like to see. I think this when I look at Minority Report, or trailers for the Total Recall remake. And then I wonder if that's just what today's sci-fi looks like. When Tom Cruises' vehicle spins around those canyons, all I can think is that he's supposed to be inside operating the thing at such speeds.

Cynics are quick to pronounce that movies in general keep getting faster and dumber. I would like them to be wrong. I'd like there to be no reason why a film like Blade Runner couldn't be made today.

I think Looper and Dredd were nice exceptions to the rule. They also seem like smaller, less commercial films. But this all comes back to my needing to see the Oblivion trailer again.

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