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Sorry I thought you meant how the production design looked on those white cities.

On Blade Runner and A L I E N, I think I would call the former clunky looking and the latter...........well I guess that's less clunky and more just utilitarian or functional feeling. The Nostromo is just sort of an older less high tech ship in it's universe whereas the later Aliens just goes for that metallic military/industrial look that Cameron likes.

But then I think you could parallell the clunky look of the former to Looper as well. Although it's not a sci-fi tech film you have that background of not corporate takeover, but economic collapse and so no-one has any money (unless they have certain types of jobs) so you had those very clunky electric cars that had no sleekness in them and were just old cars with bits stuck on the side. Probably because you could argue no one had money to do it any other way than on the cheap.
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