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I would need to see the trailer again, tomorrow apparently. I think it was mostly the stunt maneuvering that bothered me, I didn't really note how polished Cruise' vehicle was.

I agree with the overall trend of things becoming smaller and sleeker, however there will also be various factors in play. Is the future more or less corporate? How likely is the consumer able to afford his barest essentials, let alone his luxuries? If most of the population is wiped out, how important is it that things remain sleek? Will governments still be letting the corporations run everything even though there are few consumers left? You would hope not.

Blade Runner and A L I E N look clucky to me even by 1982, 1979 standards. But they also appear to be set in worlds so heavily corporate that competition is no longer a factor. Which is the dangerous polar opposite of Big Brother; the market no longer needs to self-regulate because the consumer is expendable. He doesn't need to afford his groceries. He doesn't need to eat. He doesn't need a checking account that doesn't goggle itself up in a month's time through excessive fees. And if he can afford car, he doesn't care if it's no sleeker than the same model of last year.

Definitely looking forward to Elysium btw.

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