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Dude. Was it from you that I first heard about Battle Los Angeles? I believe maybe it was.

It also seems to me you were fairly indifferent to TRON. But I don't recall your final opinion on Legacy. And you've never struck me as the Tom Cruise type of fan...

Sounds like 'worth catching' is probably an appropriate description from what we have on this. I never did see the Total Recall remake.

I want to know why sci-fi pictures can't return to having 'slower' and clunkier hardware a la Blade Runner. Somehow I just can't quite picture zipping around like a fruitfly on a podracer (or whatever that testicle/penis shaped thing was) in a post-apocalyptic setting.

EDIT: As an afterthought, I want to know when this guy gets around to filming The Black Hole remake. Because I'm a sucker.

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