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In general I agree but I nonetheless view important differences among the two big parties. Sure, the Obama administration is full of Wall Street guys and the Democratic Party accepts corporate money and gets dragged towards the right (in terms of political economy) but it doesn't totally merge with the forces that drag it.
Second, I totally agree that the "oh, these dumb reactionary guys from Texas / from the South" card is idiotic. I rather take a Southern conservative with a heart than a technocratic liberal from the coast as the former might very well care more about the working class than the latter.

Last but not least I totally disagree on unions. On empirical grounds because unionization has been high during the golden age after WWII and in decline since the seventies. On theoretical grounds because unions are not merely interest groups. Sure, they want a larger piece of the action for their members but I fail to see the problem with that. The "natural state" of the economic world is that capital takes a large part of the pie and it takes a lot of effort for labour to counteract this.
Not just economically but also politically and here is where I view unions as important for everybody. They are one of the few players that can actually take political power away from capital. So unions are not just a narrow interest group, they also fight for the interests of everybody. They are not like their business counterparts entirely bourgeois, they are to some degree citoyens, people who care about the common good.
As we have witnessed during the last three decades, too much political power of capital does not merely increase income inequality and undermine free markets (to be fair, unions often oppose free trade so they are not proponents of free markets either) via corporate socialism and non-internalized externalities (e.g. the legal fees that BP did have to pay constituted a tiny fraction of the actual damage of the oil spill) but also undermines democracy. Take the recent election where the billionaire Sheldon Adelson used the money he made in a casino in Macao to influence it. What would McCarthy have said about capital from a communist country influencing an US election?
Unions are a force that can undo this undemocratic influence of corporate power.
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