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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
The Obama administration has not restored habeas corpus or closed torture prisons and it has significantly extended the undeclared war in Pakistan with unmanned aerial vehicles aka drones. It has also fought as hard against whistleblowers as no administration before.
Progressives who deny these facts in order to support Team Democratic are not merely Third Way pseudo-progressives but also as post-factual as the guys on the right.
The only difference I've seen between Republicans and Democrats over the past 12 years is just in the pretty speeches. Obama is certainly a great orator but nothing has changed. Feigned moral indignation over an opposing party's tactics out of political convenience. Both parties are backed by big money interests (big unions are still part big business as far as I'm concerned and a union boss is just an executive with a populist spin). Obstructionism of new ideas. Half baked solutions that are little more than symptomatic remedies to placate to a particular political base and not actually solving the problem at hand.

The only thing both parties have been able to accomplish with numbers just shy of consensus is banning the use of the word, "lunatic". Now people can say what they want about Texas (Lord knows I've made my share of those jokes), but the only person with enough sense to vote "no" on the strange unthinkable heretical basis that there might be something more important for the legislature to be working on was a representative from Texas.

"Don't confuse facts with reality."
-Robert D. Ballard
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