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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I'm unclear about the role London may play (I didn't spot anything overly London like in the teaser though 30 St Mary Axe aka The Gherkin is quite visible in the poster) in the film other than perhaps being another location attacked at some point. The opening Cityscape appears to be San Francisco as that's consistent with the skyline in the first film.

I also thought I saw the TransAmerica Pyramid during it and that looks like the Bay bridge in the background which would seem right from my memories of being in San Francisco.

The starship plunging into a bay (anyone else think it looked a bit like the outline of an NX Class vessel?) also looks like San Francisco again because of the general look of the background so my suspicion is that most of the city material in the teaser appears to be that city. Which would make sense if the villain is assaulting Starfleet and it's heart.

Of course, if it's Mitchell and he has vastly increased psi powers then that could explain how he might have the ability to bring down starships and 'detonate the fleet' which remains a phrase the exact meaning of which is unclear since why would the E escape his abilities in that way.

I also think the ship emerging from a sea could be the Enterprise. While you just see nacelles and the emergence of the letters NCC I think you can also see briefly a saucer begin to emerge as well.
Yep, it IS SF...where somehow London was integrated with San Francisco and made it a larger city... at least thats my theory. That ship that was emerging out WAS the Enterprise. IDK why people insist it's a new ship, when clearly it's not. The one CRASHING however... I thought it was either a Prime Universe Constitution Class, or the Enterprise E. We'll see in the next trailer hopefully.


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